The Doctor Is In is an interactive installation that makes the audience ponder on the concept of official and unofficial when it pertains to medicine The audience is welcomed into the waiting area where they have to fill out a New Patient form for Dr. S.I. Koh. Once their name is called, they sit down with a doctor in a white lab coat and get a Rx filled by the house pharmacist. The lab coat is a powerful garment when mixed with the culture of the apothecary, homeopathic medicine, and good old human interaction.

Special thanks to Hound & Quail, Katherine Tuider, Maxfield Smith, and Alec Singer.

Doctor is In 4 - 2015


Doctor Is In - Patient Form 2015

The Doctor Is In-08.jpg


Doctor is In 3 - 2015Doctor is In 2 - 2015Doctor is In 1 - 2015

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